Cupcake Boxes

Here at ‘’ we love a good cupcake, but we also believe that giving is better than receiving and when we give our cupcakes away we like to add a little extra touch by presenting them in top notch gift boxes, here are a few of the boxes we like to use -

 The single cupcake box

This is a bit of a classic, and can turn a humble cupcake into a really classy looking gift. Our favourite boxes have clear tops to show off our cupcake artistry. We have a friend who made a cupcake for his girlfriend then put the cupcake in a single box and got up extra early to leave the lovingly boxed cupcake on his girlfriends car bonnet. The girlfriend in question was delighted, and who’d blame her? A boyfriend who cooks cupcakes and leaves thoughtful gifts – he’s quite a catch ! And you can bet the cupcake maker scored top brownie points!

 Cupcake Boxes Cupcake Boxes

The double cupcake box

Sometimes you’re not just cooking cupcakes for that special someone, you’re cooking cupcakes for that special couple. What set of parents wouldn’t be thrilled with a loving prepared couple of cupcakes on their wedding anniversary? Again, we prefer the boxes with see through fronts to show off our cupcake handiwork. If you’re not after something that’s quite so ornate we’re also a fan of the more utilitarian cupcake pods that can be bought in both single and double sizes.

Bigger cupcake boxes

Sometimes you’ve baked a lot of cup cakes and you need a bigger box to show off your handiwork. It’s surprising how much difference  presenting cupcakes in a specially made box can make. They can turn run of the mill baked goods into a really special looking gift. Unsurprisingly we prefer the boxes with clear tops so people can peruse the selection of cupcakes within and decide which one they might like to go for. We’ve seen clear topped boxes tempt even the most die hard sweet avoider in to indulging in a delicious cup cake treat.

If your budget allows, we like to buy a few cupcake boxes rather than just buying one cupcake box to house all our cupcakes. There’s something a bit more appealing about a stack of four  six cupcake boxes rather than a single 24 cake box, if you’re taking in the cupcakes for office treats it also allows you to spread your gifts around the office for maximum cupcake exposure.

images 9 Cupcake Boxes

Insert Trays

This is one of the reasons that we like to use a specially made cup cake box, if you just put your cupcakes in a normal tupperware container there’s always a chance that the cupcakes can bang up against each other and cause unfortunate icing accidents. If you get a good cupcake box it will likely come with a tray insert that holds each cupcake in a secure position and presents a lovely view of equally spaced cupcakes

We once took some cupcakes to work in a Tupperware box  and had to break suddenly on the journey in, our cupcakes got a more than a little bit mangled and we’ve been insert tray converts ever since. One of our friends even reports to us that they’ve successfully posted cupcakes in a sturdy box with a tray insert and the cupcakes got there in one piece unharmed. We can’t guarantee that this will work for everybody though!

Giant cupcake boxes

If you like cupcakes then you’re bound to like giant cupcakes, what’s not to like about a cupcake that’s much bigger than a regular cupcake? Giant cupcake boxes have the advantage of giving you a big present sized box to present to that special someone. We all remember the thrill of seeing big box presents wrapped under the tree on Christmas day so why not let someone recreate that excitement and anticipation by presenting them with a wrapped giant cupcake?

download 13 Cupcake Boxes

Wrapping cupcakes

Some people like to add an extra layer of suspense to their cupcakes by wrapping their cupcake boxes up in gift paper. The choice of gift paper is down to personal choice and we’re not entirely sure if wrapping cupcakes up in cupcake paper is a bit to ‘cupcakey’ but if you want to go the full cupcake hog we’ve found the following delightful cupcake themed wrapping paper -

 Cupcake Boxes Cupcake Boxes